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About MIBS College

Meru Institute Of Business Studies (MIBS College) is a college of Entrepreneurship. We are the leading college focusing on producing problem solvers, innovators and job creators. We train our students to look at every challenge as an opportunity to provide a solution hence create wealth. We also act as a link between our students who have ideas and investors ready to fund their projects. This is our main purpose and we target to raise over 10,000 job creators in the next 5 years.

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1 Students Enrolled
1 Certified Teachers
1% Passing Rate
1% Parents Satisfaction


Our Core Value



We recognize that the unique needs, goals and circumstances of the individual by; Creating an understanding of equitable principles within the institution Identifying and implementing opportunities for increasing equity Identifying and addressing achievement gaps .


We pursue the development and application of new ideas that lead to creative solutions through; Upgrading the college’s innovation support structures Creating a culture where all ideas can be shared and validated Developing entrepreneurial attitudes, behaviors and skills that can be applied across the college Developing collaborative and innovative partnerships with internal and external stakeholders .

Student Success:

We support our students to reach or exceed their personal goals or other desirable outcomes through; Provide an environment that supports student retention, persistence and completion Invest in personal and professional growth for all employees Celebrate staff and student achievement, success and creativity .

Social Responsibility:

We commit to decisions and actions that are socially aware and make us a strong community partner through; Build and maintain community partnerships Promote and strengthen internship and service opportunities Identify and develop opportunities for community education and outreach Promote a welcoming and safe environment .


We seek opportunities to consistently exceed our best individual and institutional performance through; Increasing student success and educational access Respond to local community and business & industry problems by offering solutions. Become more creative and entrepreneurial .


We celebrate the many individuals that make up our community and embrace the opportunity to learn from both their differences and similarities by; Cultivating relationships and provide accommodative environment to all students, teaching and non-teaching staffs from any part of Kenya and beyond boundaries. .

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