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School of Business and Accountancy

During your business course, you will develop a broad knowledge of business operations as well as gaining targeted skills in your specific field, such as customers, markets, finance, operations, strategy, business policy, communications and IT.



Courses Offered

Full courses

Co-operative Management

Cooperative management, tries to achieve more effective and equitable systems of resource management.

Supply Chain Management

SCM is important because it increases competitiveness and customer satisfaction. In this day and age, SCM plays an integral part of a firm success. Efficiently running supply chains allow firms to quickly deliver products to the end-user for a low cost.

Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing is vital for successful business growth. Selling or making sales consists of interpersonal interaction-the one-on-one meetings, telephone calls and networking-that you engage in with prospects and customers.

Computerized Secretarial

The program is designed for students who wish to acquire what are considered to be the most important skills necessary for today demanding secretarial positions.

Customer Service Skills

This is the act of taking care of the customer needs by providing and delivering professional, helpful, high quality service and assistance before, during, and after the customer requirements are met.

Accounting and Management Skills (KASNEB)

This is CPA entry level for students with D plain. Its examined by Kasneb.

Turning Problems to Business

As an entrepreneur your level of success ultimately boils down to your consistent ability to turn problems into profit.

Security Management(Criminology)

Gives you a broad understanding of how security theory works with best practice information. Designed to add a formal qualification to some existing knowledge, you will learn how to form successful security initiatives in the workplace.

Project Management

This course is intended to equip the learner with a wide range of management skills applicable in all areas of management.


Accounting and Accountancy department is one of the pillars of any organization. The seriousness of this department requires an individual who is well acquainted with matters finance.

Short courses

CPA (Certified Public Accountant)

CPA (Certified Public Accountant) is a qualification attained after going through training in all the levels of CPA course successfully. The CPA curiculum and examination is set by KASNEB. Completion of the CPA Course is a requirement for registration as

(ATD) Accounting Technician Diploma

This qualification equips candidates with skills and competencies to work as middle level accountants providing technical support in accounting, auditing and taxation in both the public and private sectors.